Really Listening

As we look forward to our synchroblog on June 24, I thought it would be particularly appropriate to share this clip of Brian Pengelly, our Youth Specialist at New Direction. Brian highlights an essential challenge to those who hope to engage in bridging conversations.

What do you think?



I remember in my early days with New Direction how easy it was for me to feel threatened and defensive when I encountered people who appeared to have moved from a traditional understanding of Scripture’s boundaries for same-gender sexual behaviour towards a more inclusive and affirming stance. I remember feeling quite justified in my judgments…

We’re on Amazon!

After jumping through hoops (thanks Anna for all your hard work!), we’ve made it onto Amazon to hopefully get the BTG dvd out far and wide 🙂 Please check out the link! If you haven’t bought a copy yet – consider doing so from Amazon to get us up and running there. If you’ve viewed…

Happy Anniversary BTG

Okay – so I’m not very good with dates or directions (seriously, what is it with me getting lost for every party Mark throws?)….. anyway….Apparently, last week was the one year anniversary of this blog and I totally missed it. I have thoroughly enjoyed having such diverse readers engage this forum. I value the conversations…

Refusing to be a Christianized Bully

I’ve been pondering lately the amount of bullying I see go on in the name of Christ. Wikipedia suggests: “Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person.” This…

The Writing on the Wall

I came home from yet another speaking engagement Sunday night feeling pretty good. The talk had gone well, and the youth staff had invited me out to a pub afterwards to talk more. I was very tired since I had taught Sunday School that day, and then spent the afternoon at a picnic with the…

Letting God Work

I’m really grateful that Ron Belgau was one of the contributors for “Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending Our Gay Neighbours.” Ron is a thoughtful and mature follower of Christ who also happens to be gay. He is someone with deep convictions – that some of our readers will share, and others will disagree with.…

Announcing the BTG Synchroblog!!!

The culture wars surrounding the topic of homosexuality have sucked up tremendous resources, have left devastated casualties in their wake, and continue to perpetuate polarization and enmity – most clearly seen in the divide between the Christian community and the gay community. The diversity and divisiveness surrounding gay issues is staggering. Even the above statement…

Tony Campolo on Demonstrating Love

We hear it all the time, don’t we?

“I love homosexuals ….. but…..”
“I love gay people ….. but ….”

How is it that Christians truly demonstrate this love?

Tony Campolo challenges that “but” in unequivocal terms. Check out this clip:

What questions does this raise for you?



Well I finally got to see the movie, “Milk” last night. It was with an eclectic group of straight and gay, Christian and not. And after the movie we had some good conversation together. For those of you not familiar with the movie, the basic story is that of Harvey Milk the first openly gay…