Part 3: Seasons of Life and the True Self

This is part three of a short blog series reflecting on the keynote that I facilitated for the WeConnect women’s retreat at the Gay Christian Network conference in January 2015.  Together we shared practices and reminders that invite us to go deeper and farther in our spiritual lives.  The next layer we applied to the wheel introduced key ideas connecting us to our true selves.

In the top quadrant, that of awakening, there is a call to resist.  We resist “Who I am NOT.”  In this early season, a season of coming awake, perhaps after a period of chaos or stress where we found ourselves unable to remain present, attuned, or aware of the happenings within our soul, we so often forget (or haven’t figured out) who we truly are.  We may have taken on the labels or expectations of others.  Perhaps the whispers, the mockery, the accusations that pull us into dark, slimy pits of insecurity and self-loathing have overwhelmed us.  Perhaps the voices of others in our heads are so loud – that we can no longer hear our own voice.  This call of awakening is the call to stop, silence the voices, strain our ears for our heart song, and resist the false self (the one so badly wanting to earn God’s love and everyone else’s) (the one so frightened that the built-up personas are a constant presentation) (the one that has numbed down true emotions in order to fit in, not cause a stir, or be a burden).  We become still long enough to recognize that which is NOT ourselves.  The Spirit offers the accompaniment to a new song.  Perhaps life has thrown so much at you that you find yourself bitter, angry, complaining, negative …… and the still small voice inside reminds you that this is NOT who you are.   Resistance brings energy, it brings remembrance and recognition.  And it ushers us to the next season.