Part 7: More Exhortations

I know, I know.  This blog series is long.  Just be glad my colleagues talked me out of posting it as one long piece 🙂  Again, if you’re new:  I’m responding, from a hopefully generously spacious posture, to a 58 minute evangelical sermon about homosexuality that I think covers a lot of the typical points made in these kinds of sermons.  We’ve covered four theological propositions and now we’re on our second exhortation (with three more to go).  But ….. rather than jumping in here …. feel free to begin at the beginning (because I hear, according to Julie Andrews, that that’s a very good place to start).

The preacher’s second exhortation states, “You (the same-sex attracted person) need to take captive the arguments and opinions of the culture.”

Now there are certainly ideas about sex and sexuality that diminish our worth and value as image-bearers of the Triune faithful God.  Violence, betrayal, objectification, addiction, reductionism, and individualism have all cheapened the beautiful gift of intimacy and sexuality that God has given to human beings.  These ideas have infiltrated the lives of more Christ-followers than I’m sure many pastors would like to admit.  After-all, in our daily lives we are bombarded by sexualized marketing  and media while our churches seem to be strangely void of candid, concrete, common sense conversations about sex that would help us to reimagine God’s good intentions.  But this is a human dilemma regardless of your sexual orientation.